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-Tends to have very bizarre dreams when asleep. Has a very active imagination.

-Likes to read; greatly prefers fiction over nonfiction. Has a guilty pleasure for cheesy romance novels.

-Enjoys drawing and painting...but isn't very good at it.

-Sings out loud to herself sporadically, not really caring who hears.

-Without Elsa as motivation for waking up early, she’s become a late sleeper as she grew older. Lately she’s been trying to get up earlier, but old habits die hard…

-She considers her role as a sister her most important purpose, and is willing to drop just about anything to do what she thinks is needed to fulfill it properly, even to the point of hurting herself.

-Like Elsa, Anna enjoys any variety of chocolate, but she is partial to milk chocolate in particular. She is known to have little restraint when it comes to stuffing her face with chocolate, and has gotten sick as a result more than once.

-At age nine, she broke an arm and a leg attempting to ride her bicycle down the stairs.

-Knows a bit of basic French - in her hopelessly romantic teenage years, she convinced herself to learn the language thinking it would appeal to potential suitors.

-Loves dogs and horses, but has become increasingly partial to reindeer since spending time with Kristoff and Sven.

-Knowledge on politics is limited, though she's trying hard to learn more. Tends to have a simplistic view on various issues plaguing the kingdom. But every now and then, simplicity is just what's needed.

-She does try to follow princess etiquette when she feels it's appropriate. But if there's something she really wants to do, she'll stick to it regardless of expectations. Her strong, unwavering morals can conflict with the more sophisticated views of her fellow nobles.

-Loves children, as her own inner child is alive and well. Greatly wants at least one child of her own. However, she remains unsure about the implications of producing an heir to the throne.

-Despite all the dangers she's run into, her view on the topic of magic is very optimistic. As far as she's concerned, its open existence has drastically improved her life.

-Along the same lines, she hates keeping secrets. She's convinced that any problem can be solved just by being honest.

-One would think living such a sheltered lifestyle, she'd be exposed to many different sorts of prejudices. However, it's more often the case that she's blissfully naive to such ideas, or otherwise her optimism causes her to naturally dismiss negative talk.

-Can't stand coffee.


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WDisneyRP-Anna's Profile Picture
Princess Anna
Character Development Profile:

Full Name: Prinsesse Anna av Arendelle
Aliases: Anna, Her Highness, Feistypants (by Kristoff), 'The Spare' (by particularly rude people)
Age: 19
Birthday: June 21
Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair normally tied in twin braids; blue-green eyes; sunkissed skin with lots of freckles on face and shoulders; more petite than her sister
Alignment: Good
Personality: Loving, optimistic, talkative, feisty, brave, quirky, awkward and clumsy
Abilities: Great determination; has experience mountain climbing; learning to ice skate; very good at throwing things; very strong arm; training in swordsplay

Habits: Wanting to spend time with her sister, looking for ways to have fun, wanting to be of use
Likes: Family, romance, chocolate, being with her sister, being free, the color green
Dislikes: Rudeness, selfish people, great heights, being alone
Flaws: Late sleeper, clumsy, naive, too trusting, very talkative, a bit spoiled, impulsive, stubborn, doesn't always notice other people's feelings right away, not too smart, self esteem issues

Companion/Pet: Olaf, a talking snowman; her horse Kjekk
Similar Characters: Rapunzel, Ariel


Close Friends
Rapunzel :iconwdisneyrp-rapunzel: Anna's cousin, the princess of Corona. Although they weren't able to meet each other until recently, they have similar personalities and share many interests, so they get along very well.

Flynn Rider :iconwdisneyrp-flynn: Anna respects Rapunzel's choice of man, but finds Flynn has an attitude a lot of the time and enjoys teasing him.

Simba :iconwdisneyrp-simba: Though initially startled when meeting him, she's quickly come to see how friendly he is.

Quasimodo :iconwdisneyrp-quasi: Though they don't get many opportunities to meet up, she expresses great interest in him. She wishes she could understand him on the level Elsa seems to.

Ariel :iconwdisneyrp-ariel: They share an excitable and optimistic personality and express great interest in the other's way of life.

Merida :iconwdisneyrp-merida:

Esmeralda :iconwdisneyrp-esmeralda: Their personalities are quite similar. Anna finds she can relate easily to Esme's life and circumstances.

:iconwdisneyrp-arthur: An important ally to Arendelle. For her 19th birthday, he started giving her lessons in swordfighting.

Mickey Mouse :iconwdisneyrp-mickey: She's very impressed by his magic and thinks he's really sweet.

Sally Shine :iconwdisneyrp-shine: Anna's had bad experiences with ghosts, but this one has been very nice to her, and very cute, too. She wants to see her happy like a child should be.

Other Friends: :iconwdisneyrp-bert::iconwdisneyrp-ortensia::iconwdisneyrp-rani::iconwdisneyrp-charlotte::iconwdisneyrp-piglet::iconwdisneyrp-donaldduck::iconwdisneyrp-mary::iconwdisneyrp-jasmine::iconwdisneyrp-jim::iconwdisneyrp-phineas::iconwdisneyrp-alice::iconwdisneyrp-tadashi::iconwdisneyrp-hiro-h::iconwdisneyrp-gogo:


Hans: :iconwdisneyrp-hans: Desperate for affection, she immediately became infatuated with him when they met at her sister's coronation. However, he turned out to be after the kingdom rather than her heart, taking advantage of her and leaving her for dead. From this painful experience, her formerly childish expectations about love are crushed, but she comes out of it wiser and more caring.

Maleficent :iconwdisneyrp-maleficent: Though she's only heard about her from other people's accounts, the idea of a being that even Elsa might not be able to stand up against terrifies her.

Constance Hatchaway :iconwdisneyrp-constance: When they watched a movie together, the ghost's constant talk of death and suffering came across as horribly rude to Anna and really peeved her off. And then the spirit decided to sneak into the castle and try to kill her with an axe. Needless to say, this is someone Anna can't stand.

Ursula :iconwdisneyrp-ursula: She learned about this sea witch after she messed with Ariel, and later found that she had previously taken advantage of Elsa as well.

Unsure of:
Bill Cipher :iconwdisneyrp-billcipher: Entertaining at some times, a nuisance at others. He just seems to show up whenever he feels like it, and Anna tolerates it.

Judge Claude Frollo :iconwdisneyrp-frollo: They are mostly on good terms, but recently certain circumstances have come to light that have made it more difficult for her to trust him.




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It had been many a month since Julius was last in Arendelle, although this time his visit was less intentional. After a few hours of aimlessly travelling, he found himself wandering the palace grounds.
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